84 Piece Mini Travel First Aid Kit by Yellodoor Blue (Happy Flowers)) Perfect small and light size for carrying with you


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Accidents can happen at any time, so be ready to tend to any minor injuries with a home and travel first aid kit by Yellodoor.

This 84 piece comprehensive first aid kit is packed with MEDICAL GRADE CONTENTS to help you deal with those cuts, scrapes, sprains, wounds and minor burns incidents.
Most family first aid kits stay at home, but this is one that you will want to have with you wherever you go! .

This comprehensive, yet compact first aid kit comes in a choice of two stylish retro-inspired designs, making it something you will want to carry with you all the time.
This attractive first aid bag fits perfectly in a backpack, handbag, baby changing bag or in the car glovebox and is ideal for weekends away, camping, glamping, festivals, hiking, sports, school, or any outdoor occasion.

Keep this family first aid kit to hand and know that you are fully protected.

Our fully featured and complete travel first aid kit is compact enough to fit into a coat pocket, so you and your family will be ready for those unexpected first aid emergencies.

Check out what’s included and make first aid safety your top priority!

This kit contains:


2 x Non-adherent absorbant dressing

1 x Conforming Bandage

1 x Adhesive Tape (Hypoallergenic)

4 x 4cm x 4cm Hypoallergenic Plasters

4 x Elbow/knee Hypoallergenic Plasters 8cm x 5cm

20 x Uncoloured Plasters

20 x Printed Hypoallergenic Plasters in a Printed Card Envelope

4 x Non-alcohol Cleansing Wipes

10 x Rust-resistant Safety Pins

1 x Metal Tweezers

1 x Tough Cut Scissors

1 x Microporous Tape

10 x Cotton Buds

2 x Burncare Gel Sachets

1 x Information Leaflet

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