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70 Piece Vintage inspired Travel first aid kit – Retromania


Premium Compact 70-piece travel first aid kit – packed with all you need for everyday emergencies – in a handy high quality durable bag

Choose from four stylish retro inspired designs – perfect for festivals camping and glamping

Ideal backpacking first aid kit – so easy to store in your handbag or coat pocket

Perfect family first aid kit for days out or weekends away – camping cycling hiking taking to the gym or keeping in the car

Family first aid kits don't have to be boring! Why not compliment your outdoor activities with one of these fabulous designs?

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Product Description

ARE YOU PREPARED? Accidents can happen at any time, so be ready to tend to any minor injuries with a home and travel first aid kit. Most family first aid kits stay at home, but this is one that you will want to have with you wherever you go. .

This stylish, comprehensive yet compact first aid kit comes in a choice of four stylish retro-inspired designs, making it appealing to carry with you all the time. This attractive first aid bag fits perfectly in a backpack, handbag or in the car glovebox and is ideal for weekends away, camping, glamping, hiking, sports, school, or any outdoor occasion.

Tuck this family first aid kit in your pockets and know that you are prepared for whatever might happen. Compact in size and easy to keep in a coat pocket, yet comprehensive and complete in its contents – check out what’s included and make first aid a little more fun than usual!

2 x Non-adherent Wound Pad

1 x Conforming Bandage

1 x Blunt First Aid Scissors

1 x Adhesive Tape (Hypoallergenic)

4 x Plasters 4cm and 4cm (Hypoallergenic)

4 x Elbow/knee Plasters 8cm x 5cm (Hypoallergenic)

2 x Burns Gel Sachets

15 x Printed Plasters (Hypoallergenic)

24 x Uncoloured Plasters

1 x Metal Tweezers

10 x Rust-resistant Safety Pins

1 x Disposable Gloves

4 x Non-alcohol Sterile Wipes


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